International award-winning director and producer, Michelle Bello’s newly released movie, FAITH, starring gospel artist, Sinmidele, and Nollywood actor, Ifeanyi Kalu, has broken a record of being the first ever short film and Faith-Based film to have an online premiere in Nigeria. In 6 days of marketing, with no marketing budget, it breaks a new record of over 400 booked movie tickets.

FAITH became the face of the internet during its 6 days campaign as Christian communities and celebrities supported the initiative.

Michelle Bello, when asked what inspired FAITH, said that the movie was inspired by God to bless people and show Jesus’s love for them, especially during such a difficult time as this with the global pandemic and challenges occurring around the world. Little wonder why everyone who worked on the project volunteered to render their services completely free. These professionals are individuals who have worked on some of the biggest projects in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

The movie’s cast and crew were put together in two weeks after which the movie was shot and completed in just two days. In her own words, “I have never produced a movie in such a short time.”

The movie tells the story of FAITH, a gospel artist, whose dreams of getting signed to a big record label are about to come true, but on the way to her big meeting, a car hits her, leaving her for dead. Waking up in the hospital, unable to move her legs, her faith is tested in ways she could never have imagined. As she faces the biggest battle of her life, she learns the true meaning of faith.

There have been amazing reviews from the movie premiere which took place on Sunday, 31st January, 2021. A few of them are:

“I was so blessed by this movie. Indeed, God never leaves. He’s always there to help us through challenges if only we speak his words. He listens to his words more than any other feelings… Thank you @imichellebello for saying yes to God and bringing this great film to us”.

“This is sooooo beautiful, it definitely reminded me of why I need to be steadfast in my faith. Thank you so much. Beautiful voice Sinmidele.”

“Thank you so much for this privilege. This movie is soul lifting and refreshing. At our lowest moments, we are expected to still trust and believe in God.”

Free registration for FAITH is still available and people from around the world can watch and enjoy the movie at