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January 30, 2021

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  1. Daphne

    This is sooooooooo beautiful 😍, it definitely reminded me on why I need to be steadfast in my faith. Thank you so much ❤️. Beautiful voice Simidele.

    January 31, 2021
  2. Faith

    I was so blessed by this movie.😊 Indeed, God never leaves, He’s always there to help us through challenges if only we speak his words. He listens to his words more than any other feelings… Thank you @michellebello for saying yes to God and bringing this great film to us🤗

    January 31, 2021
  3. Daisy

    Thank you so much for this privilege.
    This movie is soul lifting and refreshing.
    At our lowest moments we are expected to still trust and believe in God.

    January 31, 2021
  4. Grace

    Waoh! Waoh! Waoh! Beautiful movie. Just in time when my faith level needed a boost. Jesus never leaves. Thank you so much for this movie and for reminding me that Jesus is always there.🤗🤗🤗

    January 31, 2021
  5. Daphne Ekpe

    Thank you for the message of FAITH, Jesus is always with us.

    January 31, 2021
  6. Cardoso

    A beautiful touching short story. Faith was simply natural withe every reaction. It’s good to see Ifeanyi Kalu. That man simply fits into every role so seamlessly and he doesn’t seem to be aging one bit. Kudos to every other cast, no over acting, right casting too, and then the crew behind the camera, good job.

    January 31, 2021
  7. Arin

    short and sweet testimonial of the love of Jesus. Thanks

    January 31, 2021
  8. Opeyemi

    This is an amazing movie that rises up “faith” in our spirit especially through our very own convictions and Words of our testimonies – The movie blessed me in no small way☺️🤗

    January 31, 2021
  9. Chika

    This movie was really true to its title. It stirred of FAITH in me. I loved every minute of it. Beautiful, relatable acting. A job very well done. I look forward to see what other production you will release. May the Lord expand your ideas and influence and maximize His glory on your platform in Jesus name Amen.

    January 31, 2021
  10. Emmanuel Ekhator

    Thank you very much for this movie it’s really uplifting. I was praying all through, while watching. I was just moved to pray. God bless you and announce you Greatly in Jesus name.

    January 31, 2021
  11. Maureen

    A powerful movie with an evangelistic mandate.
    Jesus never left, we just need to exercise our faith more.

    We thank God for people like Michael.

    Glory be to God.

    February 1, 2021
  12. Shadyberry

    Wow very inspirational👏👏

    No problems, sickness,pain, suffering etc will ever overtake the children of God.
    Faith is working miracles in our lives

    Kudos to all who made this short drama possible may the good Lord continue to bless you all as this drama touches the lives of millions out there.

    February 1, 2021
  13. Shade Ayodeji

    This is so beautiful…. very apt & straight to a well delivered message.
    It’s fresh & relevant to our today & future.
    It’s great to see fresh & new faces in a film
    The Lord bless you.
    This really touched & blessed my soul…
    A very moving film.

    February 1, 2021
  14. Ella

    Oh what Joy to have a saviour that cares so much about us….Jesus heals

    February 1, 2021
  15. Chinwe Olugu

    Beautiful, inspiring with a note : Faith is persistent and consistent. Faith always work ! Thank you

    February 1, 2021
  16. Fred

    Simple and classic, well plotted and cast and crew. God bless you guys. More like this

    February 2, 2021

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